American Diapax: PDC product characterized by transition layer

American Diapax's PDC products are designed with two layers. The first layer is the diamond layer and the second layer is the transition layer. The reason why we decided to add the transition layer is because we have seen major improvements in impact and wear resistance. The transition layer minimizes stresses due to different thermal expansion of the carbide and the diamond layer. 

All PCD are evaluated for their metallurgical features by microscopic examination of the section:

  1. The first layer/diamond layer integrity,
  2. The bonding between the first layer and the second layer/transition layer, 
  3. The interface integrity between transition layer and the tungsten carbide substrate.

Photographs above shows half cut view of 3/4 inch insert on the left and 7/8 inch insert on the right. The thickness of the diamond layer and the transition layer can be seen on the marked lines. 

Photographs above shows the diamond layer on the left and the transition layer on the right. 

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